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Legal Ethics and Social Media

Legal Ethics and Social Media - lawyers looking at laptops


Social media is now being increasingly used by lawyers and firms for business development and networking purposes, but some ethical risks can undermine the benefits and opportunities these new communication channels offer.

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Roadmap to Building a Strong Innovative Legal Team

Lawyers talking

Innovation has become critical for firms looking to thrive in the disrupted legal industry – but there are still barriers that need to be overcome before a firm can fully embrace legal innovation. Lay the groundwork for sustainable innovation by changing your team’s approach to change, innovation and collaboration.

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Uniform Law introduced in Western Australia

Blog banner - Supreme court of Western Australia

On the 1st of July 2022 Western Australia implemented the Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme, joining NSW and Victoria in further harmonising the legal profession in Australia.

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Not just a pretty face... how emojis can end up as evidence in court

Lawyers using emoji

Almost everyone is familiar with emojis – the tiny pictures of facial expressions and objects used in texts, emails and social media to mimic non-verbal cues. The hyper-condensed nature of emojis leaves room for interpretation, creating a brand new set of challenges for legal professionals.

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10 Most Popular Legal CPD Courses in 2022

Group of young lawyers with laptops


With the legal CPD deadline fast approaching, you might be looking for ideas on what topics you should prioritise with your next CPD course. That’s why we have put together a list of the 10 most popular courses so far in 2022. We hope it will help you choose your next interactive course and get CPD compliant online before March 31!

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Leaders in Law Interview Series: Carly Stebbing

Leaders in Law -  Carly Stebbing

Ahead of the WLANSW 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner, we spoke with NSW Change Champion of the Year 2021 and founder of Resolution123, Carly Stebbing. Carly talked to us about her passion for workplace rights and shared her key piece of advice for other aspiring female legal entrepreneurs. 

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Leaders in Law Interview Series: Simone Herbert-Lowe

Leaders in Law - Simone Herbert-Lowe


Simone Herbert-Lowe is the founder and director of Law & Cyber, where she offers legal advice, risk management and consultancy services to businesses and individuals with a focus on cyber threats. As a popular speaker and regular contributor to Australasian Law Management Journal and the Law Society of NSW Journal, Simone is widely recognised as a thought leader on cyber risks and professional duties in Australia. We spoke with Simone about her passion to educate lawyers about cyber threats, the common misconceptions lawyers have regarding cyber risks and what steps lawyers and law firms can take to avoid falling victim to cyber crimes.


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6 Skills Lawyers Need to Stay on Top of Their Game

Group of six lawyers’ lower body


As the legal profession evolves and becomes more competitive, lawyers can no longer solely rely on their legal expertise to excel in their careers. To build a thriving and long-lasting career, lawyers must continually develop and hone critical skills that will set them apart. Learn more about how these six skills will help you stand out.

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