About MyRewards

What is MyRewards?

MyRewards is LawCPD's loyalty program, which gives you Reward Points every time you purchase a course. Once you have accumulated enough Reward Points, you can use these points to obtain a course at no cost.

For example, if you buy 4 CPD points worth of courses, you can get your 5th CPD point free! That works out to a saving of 20% on all courses over time.

Create an account today to start being rewarded, or read more about MyRewards below.

How do I get Reward Points?

Reward Points are automatically allocated to your MyRewards account after each purchase. For every four dollars you spend with LawCPD (ex-GST), you receive one Reward Point.

How many Reward Points do I need to get a free course?

Each Reward Point is equivalent to 1 dollar on the LawCPD site. You will need a total of 109 reward points in your account before you can spend them. To make a purchase with Reward Points, you will need to have enough Reward Points to pay for the entire contents of your cart.

For example, if you purchase a One-Click CPD 10 Point pack, you will earn 199 Reward Points. This means when you purchase your next CPD course, you can use 109 of your reward points to claim it for free!

How do I use Reward Points?

Before you start

To use Reward Points, follow these simple steps:

  • From the Premium Online Legal CPD page, select your courses and click Purchase to add them to your cart.
  • When you are ready to checkout, click the cart icon at the top right of screen, and Go to Checkout. Select Reward Points first, then cont
  • On the Checkout page, complete your order details (Name, Address, etc) or log in to your existing account.
  • When you reach the Payment Method section, scroll to the bottom to choose to pay with Reward Points.
    Can't see the Reward Points option? Check that you have sufficient points to purchase your selected course.
  • When you are happy with your order, confirm your purchase by clicking Place Order.
  • Congratulations! The course is ready to go. When you are ready to begin, go to the MyCPD page and select your new course from the list.

Note: Reward Points will be removed from your account once they have been redeemed.

How many Reward Points do I have?

You can find out how many reward points you have simply by looking in the box on the left hand side of your screen titled, "Reward Points", when you are logged into the LawCPD website.

How long do my Reward Points last?

Your Reward Points will expire one year after the date they were allocated to your account; don't forget to use them!


If you have any questions regarding the MyRewards program, you can email us today at support@LawCPD.com.au.