5 Things Lawyers Can and Cannot Claim at Tax Time

Lawyers claim tips for end of financial year

The end of the financial year is rapidly approaching, and so is the time to lodge your tax return for 2021-2022.

You are probably already aware that there are some specific work-related expenses you can claim as a lawyer. But are you sure you are claiming everything you are entitled to in order to - hopefully - receive some cash back?

For example, did you know the ATO has simplified the way you can claim working from home expenses to help those working remotely during COVID-19? Ahead of the June 30 deadline, we have listed some other things you may not know you can - or can’t - claim for this financial year.


Please note, this article is general advice only based on the ATO deduction guide.

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LawCPD Complies With The New Requirements from the Legal Practice Board of WA

Work badge on green background


If you are a lawyer practicing in WA, you might be wondering which CPD activities are still available to you following the new CPDMS requirements implemented by the Legal Practice Board of WA. Fortunately, LawCPD is fully compliant with the new system - which means you can continue to claim up to 10 CPD points towards your annual compliance with us. Click to learn more.

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Crunching the Numbers on Legal CPD in 2021

Infographic about Legal CPD trends in 2021.


According to the latest statistics from the legal CPD year of 2020/2021, there's a clear trend on what lawyers are focusing on developing: soft skills. Lawyers need to deal effectively with people, establish strong relationships, and overcome challenges to succeed. We've collected some statistics to help you plan upcoming legal CPD activities and future proof your legal career.

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What Is the Future of Legal CPD?

Woman reading about barrister rules and solicitor rules on laptop


Since the mandatory CPD scheme was first introduced it has not seen many significant changes. But the legal profession and the demands on lawyers are rapidly evolving. This raises the question, what is the future of legal CPD? And why is it still important for lawyers to do mandatory CPD? In this blog article we’ll explore the value of continuing professional development and look ahead to give you three predictions for the future.

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10 Most Popular Legal CPD Courses in 2021

Diverse group of lawyers standing in line smiling.


With the legal CPD deadline fast approaching, you might be looking for ideas on what topics you should prioritise with your next CPD course. That’s why we have put together a list of the 10 most popular courses so far in 2021. We hope it will help you to quickly choose your next interactive course and get CPD compliant online before March 31!

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