Why are LawCPD's courses interactive?


LawCPD’s courses go beyond the usual live or recorded webinars

Our on-demand courses are custom built for a much richer and engaging educational experience than watching a webinar recording or listening to a podcast. All of our courses are authored by the leading experts in law and created by instructional designers, ensuring you have the best possible learning experience. 


LawCPD’s courses contain interactive elements to enhance your learning experience

LawCPD's online CPD courses contain a number of interactive elements, so you can learn by engaging with the content as you complete each course. Our courses include:

  • Enriched content that enables you to drill down into specific concepts in more detail;
  • Real-world scenarios that explore how the theory works in practice;
  • Short quiz questions designed to consolidate your learning on key points;
  • Useful links to external materials such as cases, legislation and other resources.
Woman holding tablet viewing LawCPD interactive legal CPD courses


LawCPD’s courses are recognised in all Australian States and Territories 

LawCPD's courses are classified as multimedia or web-based programs in all states except WA, where they are classified as an interactive electronic activity

Multimedia or web-based programs are different to private study of audio/visual material because they contain an interactive element. It also means most lawyers can claim an unlimited number of CPD points each year by completing LawCPD’s courses.

So this year, why not take your learning to the next level? Create your free account and browse our range of premium online CPD courses today.


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