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5 Core Skills for Career Advancement

Lawyers smiling office

Thriving as a lawyer requires more than legal acumen alone. Discover five essential CPD courses tailored to lawyers of all levels, designed to equip you with indispensable skills for career advancement.

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Legal Skills - New Must-Take Courses for Australian Lawyers

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As the March 31st CPD deadline approaches, seize the chance to upskill while meeting your professional development requirements. Our new interactive CPD courses for 2024 offer a timely opportunity to navigate emerging trends, meet requirements, and stay ahead. 

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Legal Industry 2024 Report - 5 Key Issues for 2024

Lawyers reading a report on the key trends that will shape the legal industry in 2024

Learn about the expected trends in store for Australian lawyers in 2024. Discover how AI is reshaping legal practice, learn about the legislative crackdown on workplace harassment, and the challenges and opportunities awaiting law firms. 

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Legal Industry Trends 2023 - LawCPD Reports

Lawyers talking legal industry trends

Ahead of the CPD compliance deadline in March 2023, the learning development team at LawCPD looked at the state of the legal industry and shared their insights on the trends and topics that will shape the upcoming year for the profession.

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Lawyers & Technology: 3 Strategies to Safeguard Your Ethical Duties


From incorrect redactions to inadvertently disclosing confidential client information, there is plenty of evidence of lawyers using technology incompetently. But as technology becomes embedded in modern legal practice - lawyers must educate themselves about technology or face the risk of failing to uphold their ethical duties.

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Leaders in Law Interview Series: Simone Herbert-Lowe

Leaders in Law - Simone Herbert-Lowe


Simone Herbert-Lowe is the founder and director of Law & Cyber, where she offers legal advice, risk management and consultancy services to businesses and individuals with a focus on cyber threats. As a popular speaker and regular contributor to Australasian Law Management Journal and the Law Society of NSW Journal, Simone is widely recognised as a thought leader on cyber risks and professional duties in Australia. We spoke with Simone about her passion to educate lawyers about cyber threats, the common misconceptions lawyers have regarding cyber risks and what steps lawyers and law firms can take to avoid falling victim to cyber crimes.


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6 Skills Lawyers Need to Stay on Top of Their Game

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As the legal profession evolves and becomes more competitive, lawyers can no longer solely rely on their legal expertise to excel in their careers. To build a thriving and long-lasting career, lawyers must continually develop and hone critical skills that will set them apart. Learn more about how these six skills will help you stand out.

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