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7 Ways to Make Your Legal Writing More Persuasive

Close up of female hands typing on laptop


Every day lawyers spend hours writing a variety of legal documents - appeals, briefs, letters of advice, and emails - with the goal to persuade or inform. There is no doubt that being able to communicate effectively in writing is one of the most vital professional skills a lawyer can have. Luckily, effective legal writing is a skill lawyers can constantly refine and improve. Read our favourite tips to help you hone your legal writing skills.

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Deep Work for Lawyers: How to Achieve Peak Productivity

Deep work for lawyers


Many lawyers are short on time. Between impromptu phone calls with clients, last-minute emergencies, and other distractions it can be challenging to both find the time and focus to complete demanding tasks. “Deep work” is a concept designed to help you to focus on getting your most complex and important work done. But how can you practically implement it in your daily schedule?

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Negotiation Tactics: 5 Strategies That Really Work

Four people engaged in negotiation tactics


Negotiation plays a significant role in both our personal and professional lives. We negotiate when we ask for a pay rise, when we are trying to convince children to eat vegetables, or when we are working to close a business deal. For most lawyers, negotiation is one of the most important professional skills to develop as it is one of the most frequently used. While negotiation skills come naturally for some lawyers it can take more practice for others. Learn more about these five simple negotiation tactics to build your skills as a lawyer.

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Managing Upwards: The Skill You Need to Get Ahead

Ladder and blue sky professional growth concept


What do you do if you don't get on with your boss or manager? Maybe you feel like you are always talking at cross-purposes or that you aren't recognised for your efforts? These patterns can have a detrimental impact on your job satisfaction. But there is a way you can start to improve your work relationships - it's called "Upward Leadership". Read our tips about how you can take control and improve your work experience by managing upwards.

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3 Reasons Your Time Management Is a Mess & How to Fix It

Green clock showing the time


Being a lawyer means that you’re working in an industry where every minute counts. Of course, time management is a crucial part of every lawyers’ work day. But what if you’ve tried the time management apps and they didn't work? Or the productivity tips you’re trying out are not doing anything for you? There might be deeper issues regarding time management that you are not fully aware of. Our latest blog posts talk about time management and the underlying skills you need to improve to take back control of your time.

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