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Managing Stress And Improving Wellbeing: Our Favourite Apps For Lawyers

Apps to help lawyers reduce stress

Lawyers can use a range of strategies to manage their stress levels, time pressures, and deal with difficult situations. As part of Mental Health Month this October, we have put together a shortlist of great apps lawyers can use to manage stress and build resilience - both inside and outside the workplace.

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Young Lawyers, SMART Career Goals and CPD

Discover how you can accelerate your professional growth with SMART career goals and legal CPD.



Completing your CPD can be an overwhelming process and especially if you're at the beginning of your career. What rules do you have to comply with? What are the best courses for me? Don't worry, we've put together a few tips to help you get even more out of your CPD.

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6 Steps to Redesign Your Law Firm With Lucy Dickens

Redesign your law firm in 6 steps with Lucy Dickens


Leading a law practice in today's changing legal landscape is challenging - serving clients, managing employees, and overseeing finances are just a few of the daily tasks of a business owner. Taking a short break from the office seems impossible. Something needs to change, but how do you go about it? You redesign your law firm.

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Leaders in Law Interview Series: Michelle Dixon

Leaders in Law - Michelle Dixon


Ahead of the 2021 NSW Women Lawyers Achievement Awards, we spoke with Michelle Dixon, NSW Women Lawyers Change Champion of the Year 2019 and former CEO at Maddocks. Michelle has been recognised numerous times for her progressive and innovative take on leadership. We were delighted to have Michelle share with us her thoughts on what it takes to become a great leader, the importance of being authentic as well as the key women that have influenced her impressive career.

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Leaders in Law Interview Series: Lisanne Iriks

Leaders in Law - Lisanne Iriks


Skilled negotiators don't always know the outcome of the session when they begin. However, they come to the room with a series of skills and tools that give them the ability to drive the situation to a successful outcome. We spoke with award-winning family dispute resolution practitioner Lisanne Iriks to hear her perspective on what it takes to be a great negotiator as well as do’s and don’ts in a negotiation.

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5 Reasons to Take Your CPD More Seriously

Colleagues walking up a staircase while watching Ipad.


Law is a stressful occupation. And in an already pressuring environment, it can be challenging to prioritise your continuing professional development. It's not a secret that many lawyers believe that mandatory legal CPD often causes more stress than it's worth. But there are plenty of reasons - besides renewing your practicing certificate - why you should take your CPD more seriously.

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7 Ways to Make Your Legal Writing More Persuasive

Close up of female hands typing on laptop

Every day, lawyers spend hours writing a variety of legal documents - appeals, briefs, letters of advice, and emails - with the goal to persuade or inform. There is no doubt that being able to communicate effectively in writing is one of the most vital professional skills a lawyer can have. Luckily, effective legal writing is a skill lawyers can constantly refine and improve. Read our favourite tips to help you hone your legal writing skills.

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