10 Most Popular Legal CPD Courses in 2022


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With the legal CPD deadline fast approaching, you might be looking for ideas on what topics you should prioritise with your next CPD course. That’s why we have put together a list of the 10 most popular courses so far in 2022. We hope it will help you choose your next interactive course and get CPD compliant online before March 31!


The move to hybrid work models is top-of-mind for lawyers this year. Many lawyers are opting to focus their professional development on developing skill sets that will support them while working remotely, new data from legal CPD provider LawCPD reveals. 

Topics such as competent use of technology, supervision, managing cyber risk and ethical obligations while working remotely are among the most popular this year. Undoubtedly, most lawyers now have greater awareness of the challenges of remote and hybrid work, and are keen to equip themselves to manage this well. 

"Although everyone is talking about hybrid work, many lawyers still struggle to successfully implement it because they don't fully understand what it means for them or their practice. There is a range of training that lawyers can do to equip themselves to identify and mitigate risks, uphold high ethical standards, and maintain strong relationships with clients and colleagues in the current context” said LawCPD co-founder Sarah Mateljan. “We are delighted to continue collaborating with a range of experts to produce online training on these topics that brings real value to lawyers.”

There is also growing demand from lawyers to learn new strategies to improve their sense of wellbeing. This development illustrates that the COVID pandemic has further emphasised the issue of mental health and resilience in the legal profession.


These are LawCPD's top 10 most popular courses for 2022:

  1. COVID-19, Remote Court Hearings and Automated Decision-Making
  2. Remote Work for Lawyers: Ethics and Cyber Risk
  3. Social Media as Evidence
  4. Overview of Wills and Estate Planning Law
  5. The Thriving Professional: Using the 7 Key Ps to Thrive in the Law
  6. Good Faith and Ethical Practice in Mediation
  7. Happy Lawyer, Happy Life
  8. Law Firm Innovation: A Beginner's Guide
  9. Overview of Intellectual Property Law
  10. Procedural Fairness in Practice

Want to learn more about these top-ranking courses and many more? You can find over one hundred hours of interactive online CPD activities suitable for lawyers at LawCPD.com.au.

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