LawCPD Complies With The New Requirements from the Legal Practice Board of WA

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The Legal Practice Board of WA (LPBWA) introduced a new CPD reporting system (CPDMS) at the start of 2021 with the aim of centralising CPD completion records for all WA legal practitioners. If you are currently practicing in the state, you might still be wondering how this new system works, and how it will impact the way you plan your CPD activities to meet your annual requirements before the March deadline.


What is a Practitioner ID (or PIN)?

The Practitioner ID is a unique identifier sent by the Legal Practice Board of WA to each lawyer practicing in the state. You must provide your Practitioner ID to a CPD provider whenever you complete a CPD activity with them. This enables the CPD provider to report on the points you have earned directly to the Legal Practice Board, saving you valuable time. 

Government lawyers also have been issued a Practitioner ID, but have some exemptions in place as to when they need to provide it (please see this article for more information).


Do I need to update my CPDMS account with my CPD activities myself?

No - you don’t. The LPBWA requires the approved CPD providers to directly upload their members’ completion data to the new system. You can however log into your account via the Legal Practice Board’s website to check your current compliance status.


Can I see my compliance summary directly on the CPDMS?

Yes - you can. However, different CPD providers might update the CPDMS at different times which means you might not be able to view a real-time compliance status until 30 April 2022 - which is the deadline for the final completion data upload. 


Are all CPD providers compliant with the new system?

No. So make sure to only select CPD providers that are QA Providers who clearly state that they comply with the new CPDMS system to avoid disappointment. 

The good news is that LawCPD fully complies with the CPDMS so you can claim up to 10 CPD points per year with LawCPD with confidence.


LawCPD has already updated its platform to be fully compliant with the new reporting requirements. Provided that you have updated your LawCPD account with your unique Practitioner ID, we will regularly upload your completion data straight to the CPDMS system. 


Where can I learn more about the CPD rules in WA?

In WA, all CPD providers must be accredited by the Legal Practice Board and comply with the CPDMS requirements to allow lawyers to claim CPD points. LawCPD complies with all requirements, enabling Western Australian lawyers to claim up to 10 points with us every year. You can learn more here.


How can I update my PIN with LawCPD?

You can update your LawCPD account with your Practitioner ID at any time by logging into and updating your information in your profile section. You can refer to this step by step guide to learn how to access your profile section.


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