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As March 31st, the annual CPD deadline for Australian lawyers, approaches - our product development team is thrilled to announce the release of new interactive courses for 2024

These new on-demand courses provide a timely opportunity for lawyers to enhance their knowledge and skills whilst satisfying their mandatory professional development requirements

With a focus on the pressing needs of lawyers in 2024, these new interactive CPD courses have been designed to address emerging legal trends, enhancing lawyers' abilities to navigate the evolving landscape.

Must take legal CPD courses for 2024

Generative AI for Lawyers

Embrace the future of legal practice with a comprehensive exploration of Generative AI. This course offers a practical overview of GenAI, how lawyers can use it daily, and critical pitfalls to avoid. You'll also get to experience our brand-new AI-powered learning tool - what could be a better way to learn about GenAI?


Innovating Dispute Resolution: Collaborative Law Fundamentals

Collaborative practice is increasingly used to resolve legal disputes in diverse areas of law, including family law, wills and estates, employment and commercial disputes. Discover how you can add new dimensions to the services you offer your clients by implementing collaborative practice principles. 


Contract Design for Lawyers: Enhancing Clarity and Compliance

Enhance your contract design skills with a focus on clarity and compliance. This course offers practical guidance on designing and simplifying contracts to mitigate risks, enhance understanding, and improve legal compliance.


Working with Emotions: Foundations for Better Conflict Resolution

Learn how to recognise the emotional dimensions of conflicts and develop foundational skills for better conflict resolution. This course will equip you to work much more successfully with emotions in conflict.


Data Breach: Proactive Prevention & Effective Response

With the increasing threat of data breaches, this course offers practical guidance to proactively prevent data breaches - and respond effectively when they occur. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of data protection and privacy laws.


Social Media and the Law

Navigate the ever-shifting intersection between existing laws and social media. This course provides an overview of common legal hazards that can arise in the context of social media, particularly in a commercial and business context. Enrol to learn how to identify these issues better and ensure you can support clients in this rapidly shifting context.

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Stay ahead in 2024

These new courses provide a valuable opportunity for legal professionals to stay ahead this year. With the annual CPD deadline approaching, now is the perfect time to invest in your professional development. 

  • Stay Informed: Gain in-depth knowledge of emerging trends and changes in the legal landscape.
  • Enhance Skills: Develop practical skills that can be immediately applied in your legal practice.
  • Meet CPD Requirements: Earn mandatory CPD points before the March 31st deadline.

Upskill in the areas that matter to you as a lawyer while earning your CPD points. Your success, our priority!

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