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Competitive legal CPD pricing and reduced administration pre-paid Course Packs give law practices, organisations and government bodies access to discounted rates, single billing and fully managed administrative support for legal CPD courses.  LawCPD's pre-paid Course Packs allow you to allocate courses amongst the lawyers working for your organisation in any manner you see fit, easing administrative requirements and improving cost savings.


Courses (Points) Discount Pack Price Price per point
(inc GST)
20 Course Pack  20% ($430) $1,750  $88.00 Purchase
50 Course Pack  25% ($1,325) $4,125  $83.00 Purchase
200 Course Pack  30% ($6,400) $15,400  $77.00 Purchase
1000 Course Pack  35% ($37,500) $71,500  $72.00 Purchase

All prices include GST.  Speak to an Account Manager for further information.


How do LawCPD Course Packs work?

1. Select a LawCPD Course Pack

The first step is to identify how many online legal CPD courses your organisation will require over coming years and choose the Course Pack that offers the highest cost savings for your expected course requirements.  LawCPD will then organise an invoice for your organisation.

2. Determine an Account Contact

You will need to determine who will be the Account Contact (such as a partner, office manager,  human resources manager or learning and development manager) who will allocate the legal CPD courses from your Course Pack to your lawyers.

3. Allocate Courses

When your staff members require access to a legal CPD course, your organisation’s Account Contact requests access on their behalf.  CPD courses can be allocated in this way as and when they are needed, at any time in the future.  This removes the need for expense claims and reimbursement overheads.

How do you track legal CPD courses completed by my lawyers?

Each lawyer is provided with a personalised online account summary (MyCPD) which is used to track and manage how many CPD/CLE points they have acquired through LawCPD in addition to the printable certificate for each legal CPD course they complete.  Lawyers can provide a copy of the MyCPD summary page or a printed certificate as a record of legal CPD courses they have completed if audited by the regulatory body in their jurisdiction.

What are the minimum requirements?

You can purchase a Course Pack if you are a law firm, statutory body or government department with 3+ lawyers purchasing courses equal to twenty (20) or more points.

If you are an individual, these discounts are already built-in through our reward program MyRewards, and through regular offers available to those signed up to our monthly eNewsletter.

Are there any other fees or charges?

No.  LawCPD does not charge any additional membership or usage fees, nor any up-front fees other than those outlined in your chosen pre-paid Course Pack from the list above.

Do my credits expire?

No, credits never expire. If an account is inactive for three consecutive years, we may contact you to advise your account is open and available.

Why choose LawCPD?

We provide busy lawyers with the opportunity to complete their CPD/CLE requirements when and where it suits them by completing our online CPD courses.  We offer lawyers practising in every State and Territory a wide range of online CPD courses to choose from, with courses covering each of the mandatory competency areas.

Firms and organisations can maximise productivity and reduce lost billable time by providing their lawyers with the option to complete all or part of their CPD online through LawCPD.  Our online CPD courses can be used to complement an existing in-house CPD program, or to replace CLE seminar attendance as the means by which lawyers earn their CPD points.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in purchasing one of our legal CPD Course Packs, request a LawCPD Account Manager to get in contact with you today!

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