5 Apps to Improve Lawyers' Productivity


Apps to help lawyers improve productivity

Your time is precious, so chances are you're always on the lookout for solutions that will make your life easier. There are a lot of apps on the market that promise to boost your efficiency and productivity, but sorting through this all of these choices can be overwhelming – not to mention time-consuming!

To save you time, we wanted to share our favourite productivity apps, which our team members use on a daily basis. Although your specific choice of apps will depend on your own goals, the apps we have featured tackle some of the most common time management challenges faced by professionals.

Lastpass helps lawyers  with safe password management

Everyone has a million or so passwords to remember these days, for everything from email to internet banking. But writing them down in a notepad isn’t going to cut it from a security standpoint.

That’s why our Chief Information Officer, Lee, loves LastPass. It keeps all of your passwords in one place securely, so you only have to remember one password. Brilliant! It also works with free two-factor authentication apps for your phone, like Google Authenticator and Authy, bringing an added level of security.

Favourite features:

  • Ultra-secure password vault
    Share passwords with team or family members
    Organise your passwords in separate folders

Calendly helps lawyers set-up meeting productively

Back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings can be a real hassle and take up so much time, especially when not everyone is using the same calendar app!

That’s why Lee is also a big fan of Calendly. This software shares your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar with others in real-time, so people can book directly into your calendar – no need for the back-and-forth struggle of trying to select a mutually-suitable time for that important meeting!


Favourite features:

  • Integrates calendars
  • Detect time zones
  • Integrates with CRM such as Salesforce

Google calendar for lawyers productivity

With so much going on in our lives – both with work and personally – it’s great to keep everything in one place and be reminded about where to be and when! Our CEO Sarah (who is also a lawyer) swears by Google Calendar. She checks it before leaving home to plan for the day ahead, even just to check the basics of what she will need for specific meetings and events. It also helps her to plan her commitments outside of work, like exercise, social events and other activities – that all-important work-life balance!

Sarah uses the app to add events and block out time for specific tasks. The app notifies her when she needs to be somewhere, and provides a handy link to the address, so she can easily get to where she’s going.

Favourite features:

  • Can keep personal calendar private at work
  • Always know where to go, and even sends reminder based on her travel time

Boomerang for Gmail (or Outlook)

Boomerang for Gmail helps lawyers manage their emails

No-one likes a full and messy inbox! Our Chief Financial Officer Vince is testing Boomerang for Gmail, to increase his productivity.


This app lets Vince snooze emails, schedule emails in advance, and even archive an email that will come back if no-one responds. It will also literally enable him to pause his inbox when he needs to focus on other tasks.

Vince is using the Gmail version, but there are also Outlook and Mobile versions available.


Favourite features:

  • Set an email to archive and reappear at a later time
  • Pause the mailbox to focus on priority tasks
  • After sending a reply to an email, it can be set to reappear in the inbox if there is no response by a set date/time

Evernote can increase lawyers research productivity

As a Marketing Specialist, Morgane is always on the hunt for new ideas and updates on the latest marketing trends and developments in the legal world.

She uses Evernote to save online articles and ideas on the go and organise them for quick access when needed. The handy browser extension is great to quickly "clip" articles and sync to her desktop software, so she is always up-to-date.

She finds it particularly helpful when researching (be it work or planning a holiday!)

Favourite features:

  • You can clip an entire article, or just an image or a selection of text
  • Organise clips per theme and tags
  • Create task list creations to keep up with a project to-go-list

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