Joanne Alilovic

Director 3D HR Legal

Jo Alilovic is an employment lawyer, business owner at 3D HR Legal, author and podcaster with over 20 years of legal experience.

Jo works with businesses who want to go from people problems to teams that get results, providing them with people management strategy, coaching to resolve conflict quickly, investigation services and workforce training on performance management, managing difficult individuals/conversations, bullying and harassment – all designed to increase workplace productivity and avoid disputes and legal claims.

Jo was also an early adopter of the remote first model, starting her own virtual law firm in 2016. Last year she published her book, “HomeforceTM” – sharing how to create engaged and connected home-based teams. The book provides a 6 step framework to help businesses move to a hybrid or remote workforce model and shares real life case examples including Jo’s own.

“The Juggle Podcast” was another of Jo’s initiatives arising from her keen interest in driving gender diversity in the workplace. With over 100 episodes and more than 70,000 downloads, this podcast gives professional career women the tools and support they need to successfully build their career whilst managing family demands.

In addition to her legal work, Jo regularly presents at conferences on a variety of topics from managing remote/hybrid work, gender diversity, managing the juggle, and all the challenges (and rewards) of building and managing a team.

When not practising law, Jo can be found learning more about the world of business, reading, travelling, and enjoying time with her family