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Psychosocial Hazards: Managing Workplace Risks

Joanne Alilovic
LawCPD Author: Cara Leavesley
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Psychosocial hazards have always existed in the workplace, but it is only recently that businesses and law firms have started to pay close attention to these risks.

Recent legislative changes have brought psychosocial hazards to the forefront of an employer’s duty of care. These changes, combined with a growing awareness of the negative impacts of inadequately managed psychosocial hazards, have prompted health and safety regulators to build their capacity to respond to complaints and reports of psychologically unsafe workplaces. Consequently, effectively managing psychosocial hazards is no longer simply a question of organisational wellbeing, it is a requirement for legal compliance.

This course equips lawyers to understand the key psychosocial hazards relevant to Australian workplaces, and how to properly identify, assess and control psychosocial risks in the workplace. It also covers the legal obligations of employers to eliminate or reduce psychosocial hazards, the risks of failing to address these hazards, and practical measures for controlling or eliminating these hazards. 

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 Date Published: February 2024


Key takeaways

  • Key Psychosocial Hazards: Identifying and assessing the key psychosocial hazards recognised in Australia.
  • Legal Compliance: Legal obligations of employers to eliminate or reduce psychosocial hazards.
  • Consequences and Penalties: Risks of failing to address psychosocial hazards.

Meet the experts

Joanne Alilovic
Joanne Alilovic
Director 3D HR Legal

Jo Alilovic is an employment lawyer, business owner at 3D HR Legal, author and podcaster with over 20 years of legal experience.

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LawCPD Author: Cara Leavesley
Cara Leavesley
Special Counsel 3D HR Legal

Cara is a senior workplace relations lawyer and Senior Counsel at 3D HR Legal, an award winning employment law firm.

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