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Flexible Work in the Legal Profession

LawCPD Author: Margaret Thornton
Professor Margaret Thornton
Emeritus Professor Australian National University
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There are advantages to flexible work arrangements, but there are also significant disadvantages for lawyers – both male and female – who choose to avail themselves of these options. This course considers the realities and implications of flexible work for lawyers, as well as recent developments in this area.

Flexible work arrangements were once thought to be the answer for lawyers seeking to achieve ‘work/life balance’ – particularly those with family responsibilities. However, it is clear that there is more work to be done before flexible work provides more benefits for all.

This course discusses the benefits, disadvantages and realities of flexible work in the legal profession, including:

  • how technology and globalisation are shaping lawyers’ work environments;
  • how firm culture and expectations disadvantage male and female lawyers who take up flexible work options;
  • how recent developments, such as the rise of NewLaw providers, are impacting on work arrangements in the broader profession.

The course also explores the results of a web-based survey and qualitative interviews conducted with lawyers from across Australia, providing fascinating insights into the practicalities and real-life implications of flexible work arrangements in the law.

Last Reviewed: December 2023

Meet the expert

LawCPD Author: Margaret Thornton
Professor Margaret Thornton
Emeritus Professor Australian National University

Margaret Thornton is a Professor of Law at the Australian National University and an internationally recognized scholar in the fields of discrimination and the law, legal education and the legal profession. She also has particular interests in social justice, gender and diversity.

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