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Virtue in the Virtual World: Ethical Social Media Use for Lawyers

LawCPD Author: Chris Shanahan SC
Christopher Shanahan SC
Barrister Murray Chambers
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How can lawyers successfully navigate the ethical challenges posed by social media engagement? This course provides practical strategies for lawyers to uphold their ethical duties while engaging in the digital realm.

Lawyers and law firms are increasingly engaging with social media in both a personal and professional capacity. However, the unique characteristics of social media and its rapidly evolving nature exposes lawyers to new and challenging ethical issues. 

This course focuses on the key ethical challenges faced by lawyers engaging with the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It examines these issues through a series of real-world case studies and provides practical strategies and guidance on how lawyers can embrace social media use whilst continuing to uphold their ethical duties in the virtual world. 


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Published: March 2024

Key takeaways

  • Unique Characteristics: The aspects of social media which differentiate it from other forms of communication, and the unique ethical challenges this poses for lawyers.
  • Ethical Duties: The professional and ethical obligations of lawyers, and members of the judiciary, when engaging with social media.
  • Social Media Risks: Understand the risks of live streaming, data mining, and the limits of social media advocacy.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain practical guidance and strategies from real-world case studies to avoid ethical transgressions on social media.


Meet the expert

LawCPD Author: Chris Shanahan SC
Christopher Shanahan SC
Barrister Murray Chambers

Christopher Shanahan SC was admitted to the WA bar in 1984, NSW in 1989 and the High Court of Australia in 1990. He practices as a barrister at Murray Chambers.

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