Bernadette Healy

Principal Psychologist The Re-vision Group

Bernadette Healy is the director and principal psychologist of the Re-Vision Group. She has over twenty years experience working with individuals and groups within the corporate, government, higher education and NFP sectors.

Bernadette is the director and principal psychologist of the Re-Vision Group, which has been providing counselling services to members of The Victorian Bar and their families for over 6 years. This work was recently recognized in the Australian Psychological Society (APS) 2015 Workplace Excellence Awards in which the Re-Vision Group was named as a finalist in the Workplace Health and Wellbeing category.  

The Re-Vision Group is known for the provision of psychological services with 

  • exceptional engagement;
  • a strong ethical framework;
  • active promotion of creative expression as a strategy for health and wellbeing; and
  • an ongoing commitment throughout all consulting assignments to assisting individuals to reflect upon and make sense of their experience. 

The Re-Vision Group runs seminars and workshops on a range of topics including: psychological health and safety in the workplace; improving wellbeing for professionals in the law; building healthy relationships; resilience; self-care; understanding and managing your stress; creative strategies for enhancing professional performance; creative exploration and reflection on professional practice challenges; and the use of creative expression in the promotion of wellbeing.  

Bernadette has spoken at numerous forums for legal professionals including; the past four National Wellness for Law conferences, has had an articles published in the QUT Law Review, Law Institute Journal and in a recent edition of the Victorian Bar News and has, over the past two years, provided monthly contributions to a blogsite aimed at promoting the health and wellbeing of newly graduated and early-career lawyers. Bernadette is a member of the APS and a recipient of an APS award for academic excellence.