Professor Stephan Millett

Consultant in applied ethics

Professor Millett has specialised in applied philosophy and ethics for over 20 years and currently runs a consultancy in applied ethics for organisations.

Professor Stephan Millett has specialised in applied philosophy and ethics for more than 20 years. In that time he has written curricula for university ethics courses in a number of disciplines, published numerous academic articles, written a book on Aristotle’s metaphysics and environmental ethics, co-authored three textbooks for philosophy and ethics in high school, and with the help of a reference committee authored the Philosophy and Ethics curriculum for the Western Australian Certificate of Education. He is known internationally for his work in professional ethics and for Philosophy in schools.

Until early 2017 he was the Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics and Philosophy and Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee at Curtin University. Since leaving this position he has begun developing his consultancy work in applied ethics in organisations.

Before undertaking his PhD in Moral Philosophy he was a journalist, newspaper editor and teacher of Journalism. He sits on three profession-related boards.