Online Legal CPD Seminars for Lawyers

Why do CPD online instead of at legal seminars?

Get the best of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) anywhere, anytime with LawCPD. We bring the expertise of highly qualified lawyers, academics, and professionals directly to you through our online interactive courses. 

Say goodbye to the constraints of physical attendance and embrace the freedom to learn from the best in the comfort of your own space. Discover all our CPD options prioritising quality, convenience, flexibility, engagement, and cost-effectiveness – because your professional development deserves nothing less.


You can choose from a range of online CPD courses written by highly qualified lawyers, academics, and professionals. Our authors are leaders in their fields and come from a range of backgrounds and jurisdictions, allowing you to learn from experts from all over Australia. With LawCPD you don’t have to attend a law seminar to learn from the best - do it from the comfort of your home instead!


“I loved hearing from someone so respected and with such a unique perspective on such an important and thought-provoking issue.”
Amy Lynch, Department of Mines & Petroleum, WA


Unlike legal seminars, online CPD allows you to learn when it suits you, and at your own pace. You can complete your learning in one sitting or several stages – whatever is more convenient for you. Our online CPD courses can be completed on your computer or smartphone. This gives you the flexibility to do your CPD at work, at home, or even on the bus or the train!


“I can complete my CPD in several sittings if required”
Yvonne Gomez, Butlers Barristers & Solicitors, Nedlands, WA

Cost Effective

LawCPD’s courses are competitively priced, but most importantly, they save you valuable time which you might otherwise spend travelling to a legal seminar, parking, registering, and getting stuck in traffic on the way home. Online CPD can be done when and where it suits you, saving you time and minimising lost billable hours. It also means you will never miss out on earning your CPD points due to an unexpected deadline or a last-minute phone call from a client.


“I can earn CPD points from the convenience of my home based suburban office, avoiding up to three unproductive hours away from regular work and the parking expense and hassles of a return trip to the CBD”
Gavin Wells, Mobile Lawyer, Gosnells, WA

Engaging and User Friendly

Online CPD is an interesting and engaging way of fulfilling your mandatory CPD requirements. LawCPD’s courses have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, to make completing your CPD enjoyable and fulfilling.


“The review questions at the end of each section and overall quiz at the end of the course meant that you felt that you had actually learnt something.”
John Burke, Director, The Business Physician Pty Ltd, North Parramatta NSW

“I enjoy the on-line experience and the additional materials. The assessment is the best as it tests the practitioner’s understanding.”
Rosetta Petrucci, Social Security Appeals Tribunal, WA


Everyone knows lawyers lead busy lives. Taking time out of the day to go to a legal seminar, a conference, or listen to a webinar can be challenging and stressful for many lawyers. Completing your CPD online is the most convenient way of ensuring you meet your mandatory CPD requirements each year. LawCPD allows you to complete your CPD where you want, when you want – at the office, at home, or anywhere else you have internet access. This means you can fit your CPD obligations around your busy schedule, not the other way around.


“It is online. I can do it when I wanted to and where I wanted to, such as out of work hours (so it doesn’t affect my billing).”
Andrew Houghton, Arns & Associates, Perth, WA

“It didn’t take two hours for a one-hour CPD as no travelling was involved. Also, I was able to print off the material and file it amongst books, legal seminars, lectures and papers to refer to it later if necessary.”
Steven Cohen, Family Lawyer, Mount Lawley, WA

“Convenience and Flexibility”
Gregory Long, GJ Long & Co, Corryong, VIC