NSW MCLE Rule 42 - Ethics and Professional Responsibility

The NSW continuing legal education scheme requires NSW lawyers to complete at least 1 MCLE unit in the area of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Some examples of topics which will satisfy this MCLE Rule include:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • How to identify an ethical issue
  • Communicating direct with third parties
  • Duties to the court
  • Ethics within a technical legal context

LawCPD has a number of online CLE seminars which NSW lawyers can complete to satisfy the MCLE requirements for this rule, including:

Conflicts of Interest for In-House Counsel

Steve Mark

This course provides an overview of the ethical obligations of in-house counsel. It also discusses some of the common ethical dilemmas facing in-house counsel and provides guidance on identifying and managing these issues as and when they arise.

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Virtue and the Virtual: Introduction to Legal Ethics and Social Media

Christopher Shanahan SC

Lawyers and law firms are increasingly engaging with social media. While there are clear benefits for the profession in engaging with social media, it also exposes lawyers to new and challenging ethical issues.

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Lawyers’ Ethical Obligations in Dealing with the Media

Rachel Spencer

Interaction with the media is now a regular part of practice for many lawyers, and it is increasingly important for lawyers to understand their ethical obligations in this context. This course examines the ethical rules governing lawyers’ interactions with the media and their practical consequences.

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