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Hybrid Work: Strategies for Success

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Hybrid work arrangements have now become standard for most lawyers and law firms. But how can you work effectively and successfully as part of a hybrid team?

This course explores some of the challenges facing hybrid teams, as well as the benefits of hybrid work arrangements. It discusses practical strategies that will help you to work more successfully in a hybrid context, including:

  • preventing and addressing in-office vs remote divisions;
  • identifying and addressing ‘proximity bias’ and ‘present privilege’;
  • managing efficient and productive hybrid meetings; and
  • running successful projects asynchronously with your hybrid team. 

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Date Published: November 2022

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LawCPD author: Video Arts
Video Arts
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  1. 5.0/5
    Excellent easy to understand with user friendly assessment
    Excellent easy to understand with user friendly assessment
  2. 5.0/5
    Great Course
    Easy to follow and the questions really made you think hard before answering.
  3. 5.0/5
    Good course
    Opened up areas not thought of.
  4. 4.0/5
    This was useful
    This should be shared with all offices that have now embraced hybrid working environments.
  5. 5.0/5
    I loved this course, really well done.
    It was very relevant and easy to follow.
  6. 5.0/5
    Very informative
    Certainly shows the new style of workplace for today by ensuring greater work/life balance and wellbeing.
  7. 5.0/5
    Great course
    Great content. Videos were particularly helpful.
  8. 5.0/5
    Great course - very useful.
    Really useful - the use of video content is very engaging.
  9. 5.0/5
    God summary of modern workplaces
    Some useful pointers on managing modern remote working.
  10. 5.0/5
    This is quite a good course
    It set out the challenges in hybrid work in a clear and coherent fashion. A lot of the solutions are common sense but not always apparent.
  11. 4.0/5
    Good presentation
    Easy to follow.
  12. 5.0/5
    Well presented and easy to understand course.
    Very instructive and engaging content.
  13. 5.0/5
    Everyone should take this
    Very helpful guidance to avoid hybrid teamworking disasters and annoyances.