1 Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Ethics In Litigation

LawCPD Author: Chris Shanahan SC
Christopher Shanahan SC
Barrister Murray Chambers
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How do lawyers’ duties to the court interplay with those owed to clients? This course explores lawyers' ethical duties in the context of litigation and explores the tension between these different obligations.

This course examines contemporary rules of professional conduct in the context of litigation. There is a particular focus on the obligations owed by a practitioner to the court, and the interplay of these duties with those owed to clients and opponents in litigation.  

Practical examples and case studies are used to illustrate the tension between these duties and encourage practitioners to consider how they would respond in different situations.

This course utilises authorities and judgments from a number of Australian jurisdictions, including recent High Court decisions.  The course also examines some of the contemporary issues which are influencing and altering the professional obligations of legal practitioners at a national level.


Last Reviewed: February 2024

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LawCPD Author: Chris Shanahan SC
Christopher Shanahan SC
Barrister Murray Chambers

Christopher Shanahan SC was admitted to the WA bar in 1984, NSW in 1989 and the High Court of Australia in 1990. He practices as a barrister at Murray Chambers.

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  1. 5.0/5
    Concise review of ethical obligations
    This is a concise and informative course for all lawyers involved in litigation. A good and timely reminder of ethical obligations within the context of litigation and the demands of the case management approach taken by the courts.
  2. 5.0/5
    Good and Concise
    This course is good and concise.