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Elder Abuse & Lawyers' Ethical Duties: Prevent, Identify, Respond

LawCPD author: Nola Ries
LawCPD Author: Eugenia Tsihlis
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Elder abuse and exploitation is a serious problem in Australia. This course is designed to empower lawyers to prevent, identify and respond effectively to elder abuse, ensuring they uphold their ethical obligations.

Lawyers have a critical role to play in preventing and responding to elder abuse. As trusted advisers, lawyers are uniquely positioned to educate clients about their rights, provide prudent advice on legal matters, and draft documents that can protect clients against potential abuse.

This comprehensive course is tailored to enhance lawyers’ understanding of what elder abuse is and how to safeguard clients against these abuses. It is designed to equip lawyers with the skills and knowledge to proactively identify and act on warning signs and respond effectively to elder abuse and situations of concern. It also provides practical resources which can assist both lawyers and their clients navigate the complex issues of elder abuse and exploitation.

Published: June 2024

Key takeaways

  • Enhanced Knowledge: Gain a thorough understanding of the different forms of elder abuse and the associated risk factors.
  • Prevention Strategies: Learn effective strategies to prevent elder abuse, particularly in the context of financial and legal matters.
  • Identification and Response: Develop the ability to identify signs of elder abuse and respond appropriately to safeguard your clients' interests.
  • Ethical Obligations: Understand and uphold your ethical duties as a legal practitioner in preventing and addressing elder abuse
  • Practical Resources: Compile a comprehensive toolkit of resources and referral agencies to support clients and ensure you are prepared to handle elder abuse and situations of concern with confidence.

Meet the experts

LawCPD author: Nola Ries
Professor Nola Ries
Associate Professor University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor Nola Ries is an expert in law, health and ageing and is qualified as a lawyer in Australia and Canada. She currently leads research on elder abuse and teaches on topics relevant to law and ageing, including legal aspects of capacity assessment and legal issues in palliative and aged care.

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LawCPD Author: Eugenia Tsihlis
Eugenia Tsihlis
Senior Research Assistant University of Technology Sydney

Eugenia has practised as an Estate Planning Lawyer and is currently a Senior Researcher within the UTS Ageing Research Collaborative.

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