Continuing Legal Education (CLE) for NSW Lawyers

The rules and requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) vary between the States and Territories in Australia. In NSW, mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) is also known as mandatory continuing professional development. The requirement to complete annual continuing legal education applies to both barristers and solicitors practising in NSW.

Much like how professionals working in medicine, education and accounting are required to undertake continuing professional development in their fields, lawyers are required to undertake legal CLE. This annual CLE is required in order to maintain and sharpen the skills of practicing lawyers in NSW and to ensure high standards of professional competence across the legal profession. Legal CLE courses and seminars keep lawyers in NSW updated on important changes in the law and ensure they provide a high standard of service to clients.

Legal CLE Courses

In NSW, mandatory continuing legal education covers four fields in which NSW lawyers must earn at least one CLE point for, each and every year.

  1. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  2. Practice Management and Business Skills
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Substantive Law

LawCPD has a selection of online CLE courses in these mandatory fields. These CLE courses, which are presented by highly experienced judges and legal practitioners from across Australia, are suitable for NSW lawyers who need to complete their CLE requirements.

If you would like further information about the continuing legal education requirements for NSW lawyers, see the page below:

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LawCPD has a number of online CLE seminars which satisfy the continuing legal education requirements of MCLE Rule 6.1. Click on the links below to see which online CLE seminars are available in each field: