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Meet the future of online education

At LawCPD, we're pioneering the next wave of online professional development with a ground-breaking AI-powered learning tool. Leveraging the latest in generative AI technology, this innovative feature facilitates one-on-one interactions within our courses, offering a tailored educational experience that adapts to each lawyer's unique learning style and pace.

Earn single legal CPD points with LawCPDEarn single legal CPD points with LawCPD

Personalised Learning Experience

   Discover true personalisation with our AI chatbot, which offers interactions responsive to your educational individual needs.

Get CPD compliance in one clickGet CPD compliance in one click

Engaging and Unique

Dive into a dynamic learning environment where content springs to life. Our AI chatbot transforms complex legal concepts into engaging dialogues, making each interaction a memorable conversation.


Flexible legal CPD solutions for your teamFlexible legal CPD solutions for your team

Adaptive Learning for Tailored Growth

   Our AI chatbot dynamically adjusts to your skill level and pace, fine-tuning its output to your responses and progress for a truly tailored educational experience.

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Generative AI for Lawyers

What better tool than an AI-powered chatbot to learn about generative AI? Test your knowledge of AI and practice how to prompt in real time.

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

Use LawCPD’s AI-powered chatbot to deepen your ability to identify and recognise bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Real success stories: learners embrace AI

I have to say, I am really really impressed. I’m actually dumbstruck at how good it is. What an excellent learning tool.


I found the personalised feedback made the course much more engaging, and felt like I was really getting value from the tool. 


It feels like you’re conversing with someone - someone giving solid feedback on your answers - not just answering to the computer.


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LawCPD was founded with a vision to make Continuing Professional Development (CPD) widely accessible to lawyers through online delivery.

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