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Persuasion in Negotiation and Mediation

LawCPD author: John Wade
John Wade
Honorary Adjunct Professor Bond University
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Lawyers who are consistently successful in negotiations share one thing in common – the ability to effectively use a range of persuasive techniques.

Lawyers use persuasive techniques every day in negotiations, both consciously and subconsciously, with the aim to achieving favourable and durable settlements on behalf of their clients. 

This course provides lawyers with a framework to consciously identify different persuasive techniques and to provide a foundation for refining and improving their persuasive techniques. 

The course provides a brief overview of persuasion and the basic pattern of negotiations.  It then examines the key characteristics of successful and persuasive lawyer-negotiators. It also includes a detailed discussion of the use of doubt creation as a persuasive technique, identifying how negotiators can draw on different areas (rights, goals and power) to create doubt in an opponent.

The course also discusses the problem of self deception, and how this can often lead lawyer-negotiators to fall into decision traps.  It identifies common decision traps and how negotiators can avoid these.  It also examines how lawyers can utilise procedural awareness to their advantage in the course of negotiations.


Last Reviewed: December 2023

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LawCPD author: John Wade
John Wade
Honorary Adjunct Professor Bond University

John Wade has extensive professional experience in the areas of mediation, negotiation, family law and legal education.

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  1. 4.0/5
    This is a great course
    An excellent introduction to negotiation and mediation. A daunting insight into the skills that only experience can deliver but a hard nosed inspiration to get on and acquire them. Thank you John Wade.
  2. 5.0/5
    It is an excellent course.
    The course was very detailed.