Examination in Chief

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Preparing and conducting an effective examination chief is an invaluable skill for advocates. This course provides practical strategies for how to achieve this and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.

Examination-in-chief is the platform from which the facts necessary to prove the case are made out, and effective examinations-in-chief are usually an essential pre-requisite to winning a case. 

The ability to conduct an effective examination-in-chief requires taking into consideration a number of different factors. This course will explore various elements of an examination-in-chief, including:

  • preparing a witness for examination-in-chief;
  • the approach to questioning;
  • areas to avoid;
  • challenging aspects of examination-in-chief. 

The techniques outlined in this course can be used to enhance your ability to conduct successful examinations-in-chief. While it is a difficult skill to master, the benefits are worth the effort.


Last Reviewed: February 2022

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Judge Toni Lucev

Judge Toni Lucev

Toni Lucev is a Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Prior to this he was a Federal Magistrate, Barrister and Partner at a prestigious law firm.

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  1. 5.0/5
    Enhanced my understanding.
    The program was interesting and enhanced my understanding of what are the requirements of a good examination-in-chief in practice.
  2. 4.0/5
    Succinct and full of useful information.
    This course was succinct and full of useful information.