Joshua Theunissen

Principal Theunissen Trollip

Joshua Theunissen is a Sydney based solicitor with major commercial transactional experience primarily in Australia over some fifteen years.

Joshua has commercial and legal expertise in a wide range of corporate transactions including:

  • mergers and acquisitions, regulated takeovers under Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act, capital raisings, management buy outs and joint ventures;
  • extensive corporations law and directors’ duty advice extending to both listed and unlisted entities;
  • extensive advice on ASX Listing Rules;
  • documentation including shareholder, joint venture, service level, supply and distribution agreements, standard terms and conditions and tender documents; and
  • due diligence.

He has specific expertise in:

  • the financial services industry (setting up financial service businesses in Australia including funds management, market making and non cash payment providers, licensing requirements and procedures and ongoing compliance advice and advice generally on Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act);
  • schemes under the Insurance Act for portfolio transfers; and
  • establishing managed investment schemes both as domestic unit trusts and Cayman companies and including preparation of offer documents.

Joshua is regularly involved in professional activities, presenting courses at Kaplan (formerly the Securities Institute of Australia), the CLE Centre and the College of Law.