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Family Law Mediation: Getting the Best Outcomes for Your Client

LawCPD Author: Lisanne Iriks
Lisanne Iriks
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Specialist Life Mediation
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Lawyers who deal with family law disputes require more than excellent legal knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for their clients – they also require strong soft skills and practical strategies to help clients successfully navigate the process.

This course aims to equip lawyers with skills and strategies to support clients going through the FDR process, particularly mediations. The course covers a range of topics including:

  • Practical ways to prepare your client for mediation, and support them during the process;
  • Common pitfalls lawyers encounter in the FDR process and how to successfully avoid these;
  • Understanding how perception can exacerbate conflict in mediation and tools to manage this;
  • Practical exercises to shift your client’s mindset – and your own – to achieve better outcomes in FDR.

Last Reviewed: January 2024

Meet the expert

LawCPD Author: Lisanne Iriks
Lisanne Iriks
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Specialist Life Mediation

Lisanne is an accredited mediator with over twelve years experience in mediation and dispute resolution. She specialises in family and workplace mediation, as well as delivering training on mediation and dispute resolution.

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  1. 5.0/5
    This course is very useful
    Presentation of this course is unique and simple
  2. 5.0/5
    Excellent Course
    The course was easy to follow and the information provided was extremely useful. I highly recommend this course to all lawyers practicing Family Law.
  3. 5.0/5
    Great Course
    All family lawyers should do this course.
  4. 4.0/5
    This is a good course.
    This course was easy and straightforward. I found the videos simple but detailed in the way it explained mediation.
  5. 5.0/5
    I enjoyed it - easy to follow and understand
    The first time I tried such an interactive video - it was easy to use, and I felt I got a lot from it.
  6. 5.0/5
    Very informative and engaging - with good tips for a successful FDR process
    The structure of the course was great - short videos and informative content with reviews throughout. Lots of very useful tips that could have applied to many of my past matters from many different perspectives. I will be utilising these techniques in future FDR sessions and I can definitely see the benefit to keeping clients positive and calm and preventing the vicarious trauma that may otherwise present itself when things get tense and at a point of no return.