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10% More Profit: 10 Practice Management Tips to Increase Net Profit

Cathryn Urquhart
Cathryn Urquhart
Professional Skills Trainer & Coach
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This course focuses on ten things lawyers can do to improve their productivity and profitability. These changes are small, sustainable and in combination will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

When lawyers are asked how to increase net profit they tend to focus on increasing revenue by raising billable targets and charge out rates, or slashing expenses like staff salaries. These types of changes will work in the short-term, but are ultimately unsustainable and potentially damaging to your practice.

This course provides a different path to improving net profit that is both effective and sustainable. Whether you are a principal, a partner, a senior associate managing a team, or a more junior lawyer looking to improve your value to the firm you work at – there is something for everyone to help improve your productivity and profitability.


Last Reviewed: January 2024

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Cathryn Urquhart
Cathryn Urquhart
Professional Skills Trainer & Coach

Cathryn has over 30 years experience in the legal profession both as a lawyer in private and in-house practice and more recently in running her own successful business in training and coaching.

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  1. 4.0/5
    The course was an excellent refresher
    The course was an excellent refresher
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