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CPD Points 1
Competency C1: Legal Skills and Practice

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The Costs Toolkit

David Garnsworthy is a barrister who has extensive experience in the area of legal costs, having practiced in this area for over 15 years.

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This course provides an overview of special costs orders and an in-depth analysis of the most recent changes to the Supreme Court Scale.

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This course provides practitioners with a practical overview of two key areas of legal costs – the types of costs orders which may be sought, with a focus on special costs orders, and a detailed examination of the new Supreme Court Scale.

The course provides an overview of the types of costs orders which practitioners may apply for and their effect; with a particular focus on special costs orders.  The discussion focuses on the circumstances in which special costs orders may be sought, their effect, and the application process.  The course also discusses recent case law in this area to provide guidance to practitioners.

The second key area of this course is a detailed examination of the Legal Practitioners (Supreme Court ) (Contentious Business) Determination 2010, which is the most recent scale applying to all work done in the civil jurisdictions of the District Court and Supreme Court.  The course provides a detailed analysis of the most recent scale, highlighting the key changes between the new scale and the previous scale, and discussing the implications for practitioners seeking costs recovery in the relevant jurisdictions.


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