Challenges for the Jury System and a Fair Trial in the 21st Century |

Challenges for the Jury System and a Fair Trial in the 21st Century


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Challenges for the Jury System and a Fair Trial in the 21st Century

Peter Lowe is a highly experienced criminal barrister with 26 years of experience in criminal law and administrative law.

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The integrity of the modern jury system is under threat from a range of internal and external factors, particularly the rapid development of technology.

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The jury system is a pillar of the legal system in common law jurisdictions that has survived for hundreds of years.  But today, the threats to the institutional integrity of the jury system are greater than ever before.

This course explores different challenges faced by the common law jury system, including:

  • brief overview of historical issues compared to the modern era;
  • the impact of technology, particularly social media and web search technology;
  • intimidation, harassment and coercion of jurors; and
  • the increasing complexity of criminal laws.

The course explores recent cases and research from Australia and other common law jurisdictions including the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand. The course also examines the measures being taken in Australia and other jurisdictions to address the challenges facing the jury system.

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