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Commercial Precedents and Contract Drafting


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Commercial Precedents and Contract Drafting

Dr. Bill Gough is an independent legal consultant specialising in the drafting and development of corporate, commercial, banking and security precedent formwork systems for legal firms.

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This course provides a practical guide to developing and maintaining a commercial precedent system and on drafting clear and effective commercial contracts.

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Good precedent systems have the potential to save lawyers time and to help them to provide a more efficient service to clients. Strong drafting skills enable a lawyer to make the best use of these systems by adapting precedent documents to meet clients’ needs.

This course discusses how lawyers and firms can develop and maintain a commercial precedent system. It examines the different methods by which precedent systems can be developed or sourced, the categories of documents which can be commonly included and other issues.

It also provides an overview of different techniques designed to improve the clarity and readability of commercial contracts. These techniques can be used by lawyers drafting commercial contracts afresh, or based on documents drawn from a precedent system. 

The course also provides an overview and refresher on the impact of the Personal Property Securities Act on different precedents, particularly the drafting of security agreements.


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