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Judicial Stress and Judicial Bullying


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Competency Practical Legal Ethics

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This course provides lawyers with insights from an insider into the process of judicial fact-finding and decision-making in the context of civil appeals, criminal appeals and international inquiries. 

The special leave process stands at the gateway to the High Court. Consequently, it is critical for advocates to clearly understand the considerations that will favour or go against granting an application for special leave.

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Judicial Stress and Judicial Bullying

Michael Kirby was, until 2 February 2009, one of the seven Justices of Australia's highest constitutional and appellate court, the High Court of Australia.

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The problem of stress and bullying in the legal profession is widely discussed, but this topic is rarely explored with reference to the judiciary. This course explores potential sources of judicial stress, as well as the judicial imposition of stress on others.

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Judicial stress and bullying are serious and complex issues. The nature of judicial work can lead to significant stress, yet judicial stress is not a subject which is often discussed. Similarly, the problem of judicial bullying is considered by some to be an unmentionable subject.

In this course, the Hon. Michael Kirby discusses:

  • the causes of judicial stress;
  • the effects and characteristics of judicial stress;
  • what constitutes judicial misconduct and bullying; and
  • the steps that can be taken to respond to judicial bullying.



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