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Competency Practice Management and Business Skills

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Social Media and Risk Management in the Workplace

Practice Management and Business Skills
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Social media is now an integral component of communications for businesses. This creates both opportunities and risks for businesses and law firms alike which must be appropriately mitigated.

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Social Media and Risk Management

Andrew Bland is the Principal of BlandsLaw, a leading employment law firm with a reputation for its strong presence in the social media space.

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Social media use has grown exponentially over the past five years, introducing new risks for businesses and law firms alike which need to be addressed and mitigated.

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All businesses, whether or not they actively engage with social media, need to actively consider and address the potential risks posed by this new medium.  Even if a business does not actively engage with social media, it is likely that their employees do, and this in itself is enough to expose businesses to significant risks.

This course sets out to identify some of the risks that social media presents in the workplace, including the risks to confidential information and IP, business reputation, and exposure to claims for vicarious employer liability for employee misuse of social media (for example, through discriminatory conduct, misleading or deceptive statements or defamatory statements).

These potential risks are discussed in the context of recent case law, which illustrates the many and varying circumstances in which these risks may materialise.  The course also sets out the practical measures which employers can take to ensure that the risks associated with social media are effectively managed.


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