Maximising Special Leave Performance in the High Court of Australia |

Maximising Special Leave Performance in the High Court of Australia


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In an increasingly interconnected world, it is important for Australian lawyers to understand the international context in which they operate in relation to both litigation and ADR.

Australia’s approach to human rights is exceptional among western democracies, with no formal constitutional or statutory protections. In this course, the Hon Michael Kirby addresses the main arguments advanced by those who oppose the adoption of a Federal Human Rights law.

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Maximising Special Leave Performance in the High Court of Australia

Michael Kirby was, until 2 February 2009, one of the seven Justices of Australia's highest constitutional and appellate court, the High Court of Australia.

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The special leave process stands at the gateway to the High Court. Consequently, it is critical for advocates to clearly understand the considerations that will favour or go against granting an application for special leave. 

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The considerations which influence a grant of special leave to the High Court are multiple and complex. However, there are some common considerations which tend to work in favour or work against the grant of special leave.

This course will provide an insider’s view of the different considerations which, in the author’s experience, have tended to favour or to diminish the prospects of a grant of special leave to appeal to the High Court. The course also discusses recent developments in the special leave application process.



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