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Legal Issues in Cloud Computing


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Legal Issues in Cloud Computing

Gordon is a partner in the Litigation and Commercialisation practice, specialising in intellectual property commercialisation, information technology law, and data protection.

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The use of cloud computing services is presenting a number of contractual and legal challenges for both private and public sector organisations in Australia.

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The efficiencies and technology benefits of cloud computing are well understood, however, these benefits need to be weighed against the different contractual and legal risks.

This course discusses the potential risks faced by organisations utilising cloud computing services, including privacy and data protection, transborder data flows, liability capping and intellectual property ownership.  It also explores the challenges which arise out of the subcontracting arrangements that commonly form the basis of cloud computing services.

The course examines the different ways in which these legal and contractual challenges can be mitigated, with a particular focus on the pre-contractual considerations which organisations and their legal advisers should take into account prior to utilising cloud-based services.


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