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The Essentials of Interest Based Negotiation


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The Essentials of Interest Based Negotiation

Graham Castledine is a barrister, solicitor and accredited mediator with over 20 years experience in a range of different legal fields.

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The principles of interest based negotiation provide lawyers with a valuable framework for resolving conflict in a wide range of situations.

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Interest based negotiation aims to resolve disputes through problem solving and collaboration. The essential principles of interest based negotiation can be effectively applied by legal practitioners in almost type of conflict they encounter in the course of practice.

This course provides an introduction to the essentials of interest based negotiation, including:

  • Exploring the nature of conflict and its role in our society;
  • Examining the roles and skills of a negotiator;
  • Discussing the difference between positional bargaining and interest based negotiation; and
  • Describing how interest based negotiation can be effectively put into practice.

The course uses engaging cases studies based on the author’s experiences to provide practical examples of how to apply the essential elements of interest based negotiation.


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