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Dealing with Self Represented Litigants


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Why is the mental health of legal professionals coming under so much scrutiny?  Gain a deeper understanding of the issue, the possible causes, and how it can be addressed and managed.

This course examines the law in relation to termination of contracts and assessment of damages in the context of two recent High Court cases.

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Dealing with Self Represented Litigants

Dr. Michelle Sharpe is a member of the Victorian Bar practicing in general commercial, trade practices and administrative law.

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As the economy slows and cuts to legal aid bite, practitioners are now increasingly more likely to face self represented litigants. This course provides strategies for handling the unique ethical and practical challenges which self represented litigants pose.

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The number of self represented litigants (SRLs) appearing in courts and tribunals is growing. Practitioners from all areas of practice are now increasingly likely to be retained in a matter against an SRL. It follows that all practitioners should develop some understanding of the unique difficulties that arise in matters involving SRLs and how they can best manage these difficulties.

This course provides guidance for practitioners in dealing with SRLs. The course discusses:

  • the rights of an SRL or lay advocate to appear in proceedings;
  • the duties of the court to assist SRLs;
  • the ethical duties of legal practitioners dealing with SRLs; and
  • practical guidance on how practitioners and the courts can deal with SRLs.

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