One-Click Compliance for All Lawyers (10 Points) |

One-Click Compliance for All Lawyers (10 Points)

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CPD Points 10
Competency Professional Skills
One-Click Compliance for All Lawyers (10 Points)

Course Summary

Do you need an easy way to complete all 10 CPD points? If you do, then our One-Click Compliance Pack is for you. Easily earn all 10 CPD points, including your points in the core competency areas.

Course Details

If you need an easy way to do all 10 CPD points, then the One-Click Compliance Pack is ideal for you! 

The Pack contains 10 CPD points worth of our premium online CPD courses, including points in all the core competency areas. All of the online CPD courses have been selected for their broad-reaching relevance to lawyers practicing in a range of areas of law.

You can purchase your One-Click Compliance Pack today and then complete your online CPD courses anytime before the 31 March deadline.

AuthorTitleCPD Points
Grace LawsonPlain English for Lawyers1
Bernadette HealyEnhancing Your Wellbeing in the Law1
Andrew Bland Social Media and Risk Management in the Workplace1
Selene Mize Effective Client Interviewing1
Video ArtsAssert Yourself: Learning to be Assertive2
Dr William GoughCommercial Precedents and Contract Drafting1
Joshua Theunissen Directors' Duties and Good Corporate Governance1
John WoodwardPower Imbalances in Principled Negotiation1
Professor Stephan MillettTrust Me, I'm a Lawyer: The Ethics of Being Professional1

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