One-Click Compliance for Social Justice Lawyers (10 Points) |

One-Click Compliance for Social Justice Lawyers (10 Points)

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CPD Points 10
Competency Professional Skills
One-Click Compliance for Social Justice Lawyers (10 Points)

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Need an easy way to complete your 10 CPD points? Choose this pack for a tailored selection of our top online CPD courses for lawyers practising in human rights and social justice, covering all your annual CPD needs including the core competency areas.

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Lawyers practising in the areas of human rights and social justice face significant time and resource constraints which make it difficult to fit in their annual CPD requirements. But now there is a great solution!

One-Click Compliance for Social Justice Lawyers gives you everything you need to complete your annual CPD requirements. The pack contains 10 CPD points worth of our premium online CPD courses, specifically tailored to meet the needs of social justice lawyers. These courses also cover all your core CPD competency areas including ethics, skills, substantive law, and practice management. It’s the easiest way to get CPD compliant!

You can purchase One-Click Compliance for Social Justice Lawyers today then complete your online CPD courses anytime before the March 31 CPD deadline to earn your points and get CPD compliant.

AuthorTitleCPD Points
The Hon James Spigelman AC QCViolence Against Women: Dimensions of Fear and Culture1
Dr. Deborah Cao Animal Welfare Law in Australia1
Video ArtsUnderstanding and Managing Behaviour0.5
Andrew Bland Social Media and Risk Management in the Workplace1
Selene Mize Representing Culturally Diverse Clients1
John WoodwardPower Imbalances in Principled Negotiation1
Bernadette HealyEnhancing Your Wellbeing in the Law1
Dr. Michelle Sharpe Dealing with Self Represented Litigants0.5
Professor Bradley Wendel The Ethics of Legal Advising: The Case of the Torture Memos1
The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMGAn Australian Charter of Rights - Answering Some of the Critics1
Professor Stephan MillettTrust Me, I'm a Lawyer: The Ethics of Being Professional1

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