One-Click Compliance for Commercial Lawyers (5 Points) |

One-Click Compliance for Commercial Lawyers (5 Points)

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CPD Points 5
Competency Professional Skills
One-Click Compliance for Commercial Lawyers (5 Points)

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Need an easy way to do your core CPD? Choose this pack for a tailored selection of our top online CPD courses for commercial lawyers, covering all your core CPD competencies.

Course Details

It can be difficult to manage the demands of commercial practice and still find time to do your CPD. But now there is a great solution!

One-Click Compliance for Commercial Lawyers gives you everything you need to complete your core CPD. The pack contains 5 CPD points worth of our premium online CPD courses, specifically tailored to meet the needs of commercial lawyers. These courses cover all your core CPD competency areas, making sure you are well on your way to meeting your annual CPD requirements.

You can purchase One-Click Compliance for Commercial Lawyers today then complete your online CPD courses anytime before the March 31 CPD deadline to earn your CPD points.

AuthorTitleCPD Points
Joshua Theunissen Directors' Duties and Good Corporate Governance1
Professor Stephan MillettTrust Me, I'm a Lawyer: The Ethics of Being Professional1
Video ArtsThe Balance Sheet Barrier2
Dr William GoughCommercial Precedents and Contract Drafting1

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