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Ethics of Expert Evidence

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The use of expert evidence in courts has been problematic, leading to a focus on ethical guidelines for witnesses. However, many issues remain and these are explored in this course.

The problem of stress and bullying in the legal profession is widely discussed, but this topic is rarely explored with reference to the judiciary. This course explores potential sources of judicial stress, as well as the judicial imposition of stress on others.

Ethics In Litigation

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How do lawyers’ duties to the court interplay with those owed to clients? This course explores lawyers' ethical duties in the context of litigation and explores the tension between these different obligations.

Why is the mental health of legal professionals coming under so much scrutiny?  Gain a deeper understanding of the issue, the possible causes, and how it can be addressed and managed.

This course explores the challenging and complex issues relating to violence against women, from both a domestic and an international legal perspective.

Lawyers and law firms are increasingly engaging in social media, bringing both opportunities and new and challenging ethical issues. This course examines these issues and provides practical guidance on the topic.

Australia’s approach to human rights is exceptional among western democracies, with no formal constitutional or statutory protections. In this course, the Hon Michael Kirby addresses the main arguments advanced by those who oppose the adoption of a Federal Human Rights law.

This course provides a fresh perspective of some of the ethical challenges facing the legal profession by examining these issues from the perspective of a philosopher.

This two-part course provides a useful examination of the scope, proper use and potential for misuse of common law legal professional privilege and the statutory doctrine of client legal privilege.

As the economy slows and cuts to legal aid bite, practitioners are now increasingly more likely to face self represented litigants. This course provides strategies for handling the unique ethical and practical challenges which self represented litigants pose.

Legal drama is a popular topic in film and television, but how does the conduct of on-screen lawyers compare with the ethical obligations placed on lawyers in real life?

This course provides an overview of the ethical obligations of in-house counsel and examines the tension which can arise between these obligations and the business goals set by a corporate employer.