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Unfair Contract Terms Under the Australian Consumer Law

LawCPD author: Hugo De Kock
Hugo de Kock
Barrister Victorian Bar
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Significant reforms to the unfair contract terms regime are set to come into force in 2023. This course will equip you to understand both the current regime and impending changes to ensure your client contracts are fully compliant.

The legislative provisions governing unfair contract terms have undergone substantial changes in recent years.

In 2023, further changes are imminent including penalties of up to $2.5M for individuals and $50M for companies that rely on unfair contract terms. The regime will also apply to a much wider range of contracts due to significant changes to the definitions of small businesses and consumers.

This course will equip you to understand both the current unfair contract terms regime and the impending reforms to ensure you can advise clients on ensuring their contracts are fully compliant.  

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Last Updated: February 2024

Meet the expert

LawCPD author: Hugo De Kock
Hugo de Kock
Barrister Victorian Bar

Hugo is an experienced litigator with expertise in a range of areas including contract law, consumer law, trade practices, insolvency and corporations.

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  1. 5.0/5
    This was a great course.
    Very clear with useful case studies.
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    Great course
    Information is well presented and engaging.
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    Very comprehensive
    Best examples in a courses this year on how important it is to keep up with developments in law in the areas in which one practices.
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    I am glad I took this course which was very well organised and presented.
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    This course was well prepared, easy to follow and highly relevant.
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    Course presented an in-depth yet fully comprehensible overview of the new laws coming into effect soon. Great examples used of cases.
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    This is a useful course which explains the law well
    This course was useful and provides a good explanation of unfair contract terms. This course provides a detailed description of the applicable law.
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    Great UCTL training
    Very clear and succinct overview of UCTL and key points on what is considered to be unfair.
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    Content/presentation excellent.
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    Great course
    This is a great course.
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    Good course to keep the issues in mind
    Whilst unfair contracts rarely comes up in my commercial practice this course gives some good information to file away in your mind for when an issue does pop up. In saying that it is good to keep in mind when writing terms of supply for clients. Interesting that in one case the Court found that granting encumbrances over all assets was excessive and could be struck out.
  12. 5.0/5
    A timely and useful course
    Useful content, well-presented.
  13. 5.0/5
    Covered a lot of ground in an informative and clear fashion.