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Remote Work for Lawyers: Ethics and Cyber Risk

Cathryn Urquhart
Cathryn Urquhart
Professional Skills Trainer & Coach
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This course discusses how lawyers can uphold their professional and ethical obligations while working remotely. It covers key issues such as supervision, client confidentiality, competent use of technology and managing cyber risk.

Prior to 2020, many lawyers worked remotely – at least to some extent. Then in 2020, with the onset of COVID-19, a much bigger percentage of lawyers were suddenly working remotely. Now it appears that hybrid work is emerging as the 'new normal' with most lawyers working at least two days remotely each week.

However, lawyers who work remotely face certain challenges when it comes to upholding their professional and ethical obligations. This means it is critical for lawyers to clearly understand their obligations and how to navigate the ethical issues they are likely to face when working remotely.

This course discusses the ethical issues lawyers face when working remotely, and provides practical guidance on how to successfully navigate these. The course discusses areas including:

  • ensuring appropriate supervision;
  • maintaining client confidentiality;
  • competent use of technology; and
  • managing cyber risk.

The course also explores real-life ethical challenges lawyers face when working remotely – both from home and from other locations – and how to successfully manage these situations.

 Last Updated: March 2024

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Cathryn Urquhart
Cathryn Urquhart
Professional Skills Trainer & Coach

Cathryn has over 30 years experience in the legal profession both as a lawyer in private and in-house practice and more recently in running her own successful business in training and coaching.

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  1. 4.0/5
    A good reminder of the essentials
    This course provides a good overview of the essential things to consider about working remotely.
  2. 5.0/5
    Provides a reminder of a solicitor's obligations regarding confidentiality, diligence and competence.
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    Relevant and Helpful
    This course provides some interesting and helpful information relevant to me.