Terrorism Offences and Control Orders

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The threat of terrorism in Australia is real; however, the legal mechanisms directed at combating terrorism are often not well understood. This course provides an overview of the key mechanisms for practitioners.

Recent developments, both in Australia and overseas, have resulted in the Commonwealth Parliament introducing new legislative measures directed at combating terrorism. These new mechanisms build on the existing legal framework designed to counter terrorism in Australia. 

This course provides a timely overview of Australia’s current legal framework related to combating terrorism, as well as recent and proposed changes to this rapidly evolving area of the law. The course provides an overview of the:

  • core terrorism offences;
  • control order regime;
  • powers of law enforcement;
  • new terrorism-related offences; and
  • recent changes to the law, including changes to the control order regime and Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth)

The far-reaching nature of the proposed legislative changes makes it essential for all practitioners to maintain a current understanding of this area of law.

Author Profile

LawCPD author: Peter Lochore

Peter Lochore

Peter Lochore is a barrister practicing predominantly in civil litigation, with extensive experience in counter-terrorism and emergency law. 

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    Excellent introduction to the topic.