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Commercial information management (CIM) provides lawyers and law practices with a useful framework for storing, managing and utilising commercial information. This course provides a practical introduction to CIM for lawyers.

Lawyers collect and utilise commercial information all the time to properly advise their clients. After commercial information is purchased and obtained, it is essential for this information to be managed appropriately. 

Commercial Information Management (CIM) provides lawyers working in firms of all sizes and in-house practices with a helpful framework for storing, managing, retrieving and utilising commercial information.  When used correctly, CIM enables lawyers to save time, money and turns any information they collect into a valuable asset. 

This course will provide a practical introduction to the essentials of CIM for legal practitioners. In this course you will:

  • explore the concepts of commercial information (CI) and CIM;
  • receive guidance on how to assess whether CIM can benefit your practice; and
  • consider practical tools for implementing an effective CIM system. 

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LawCPD author: Karen Lee

Karen Lee

Karen is the principal of Legal Know-How, a legal consulting practice which provides expert legal advice and user-friendly knowledge management solutions to financial institutions, large corporates, SMEs and law firms. 

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What Lawyers Say

  1. 4.0/5
    Highlights area that all practitioners should be aware of.
    The course highlights an area that all practitioners should be aware of. It is a good course.
  2. 4.0/5
    Highlights an important area.
    It is a good course that highlights an area that all practitioners should be aware of.