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Dealing with Difficult People

LawCPD Author: Simon D'Arcy
Simon D'Arcy
Partner Evolution
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All of us encounter people who are difficult to deal with. This course will provide you with a set of strategies to communicate more successfully with difficult people and reduce your own stress levels.

All of us encounter difficult people in the law – opposing counsel, clients, witnesses, opposing parties, senior partners, judges or your own staff. But when communication breaks down, so do your chances of getting the best result for your client. How can you become more effective in dealing with these difficult people?

This course will provide you with battle tested strategies for successfully engaging and communicating with difficult people. Using a proven behavioural model as a foundation, you will become proficient at identifying the four basic communication styles and learn strategies for how to effectively manage each of these types of person. You will also learn specific strategies for adjusting your own communication style to get increased commitment and cooperation from others.

The course will also provide you with specific skills for managing the complaining client, know-it-all lawyer, or domineering boss. Learn how to defuse conflict situations and communicate effectively with these common difficult person types.


Last Reviewed: January 2024

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LawCPD Author: Simon D'Arcy
Simon D'Arcy
Partner Evolution

Simon has over 20 years experience on six continents as an organisational development consultant and executive coach, motivating thousands of people to achieve greater personal and professional success.

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  1. 5.0/5
    An excellent course!
    Very interesting and keeps you engaged throughout. It helps you recognise the positive and negative behaviours in yourself rather than focusing on the other person. It is definitely a helpful course that I would recommend to law students, solicitors and principals alike! A very enjoyable course
  2. 5.0/5
    I would highly recommend this course.
    The presenter is great. The use of videos makes the course so much more interactive and informative. I particularly liked how there were exercises along the way. I walked away from the course more confident in being able to approach difficult situations.