What happens if I don’t complete my CPD?

Prior to renewing their practising certificate, lawyers must earn 10 legal CPD points during the previous CPD year (1 April – 31 March). Failure to comply with the requirements before the CPD deadline means lawyers risk breaching their professional obligations, which may result in disciplinary proceedings or the imposition of conditions on your practising certificate. 

When you apply to renew your practising certificate, you must confirm whether or not you've met the CPD obligations set out by your local regulatory body. If you're concerned you might not complete this before the CPD deadline, there are certain limited circumstances where lawyers can apply for an exemption from CPD. Some reasons to apply for an exemption may include the following:

  • if you have a period of absence, for example, parenting leave or unemployment
  • if you work part-time or reduced hours
  • if you have a disability or you have suffered an illness
  • if you have experienced hardship or other exceptional circumstances.

Are you concerned you won't be able to complete your CPD before the CPD deadline? In that case, you should contact your regulatory legal body to find out about the rules and regulations that apply to your specific circumstances. They will also be able to advise you on the process for seeking an exemption from CPD.


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