Why You Do Not Need To Hold This Meeting... And Why That is Ok!

Tips for lawyers to improve time management and meetings

How much time do you spend in meetings each week?

If you are in a management role, chances are that you might be spending up to 50% of your time in meetings! Avoiding unproductive or unnecessary meetings is an essential part of time management for lawyers.

Use our infographic guide “Do I Really Need This Meeting?” to help you run more efficient and productive meetings in your firm or organisation.

Lawyers can improve time management with this

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Meetings and time management for lawyers

Lawyers often need to hold meetings with colleagues, clients, opposing counsel, or other stakeholders. These meetings are often an essential part of a lawyer's work. However, many meetings are not run efficiently – or do not need to be meetings at all! Learning how to avoid unnecessary and unproductive meetings is an essential part of time management for lawyers.

Lawyers may be able to use technology to avoid unnecessary meetings. Using email to communicate information or seek input from others may be more efficient in some circumstances. It also has the benefit of providing an electronic record of what was discussed. If you need to get feedback on a document, then you could use collaborative document editing software to seek others' comments and input. However, sometimes it is better to communicate in person, and that's when lawyers need time management tips for meetings.

Some of the top time management tips for lawyers to run better meetings are: start on time; have an agenda (and stick to it); and ensure all the key decision-makers are invited. Starting on time is good manners, but also good time management – if you start on time, you can end on time! Having an agenda ensures your meeting has a clear goal. Share the agenda with others ahead of the meeting so they can prepare appropriately, or add new points for discussion. It is also important make sure you get all of the key people in the room. This will give you the best chance of being able to make decisions on the day, instead of needing

Do you still need to hold a meeting?

If you still need to hold a meeting, give yourself the best chance of running an efficient and productive meeting by checking out the practical tips and strategies in our Video Arts course, “Meetings, Bloody Meetings: Making Meetings More Productive”.

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